Are Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes good?

60 second review: Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes in Hoboken

Hoboken 60 second review Jaret's stuffed cupcakesJaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes in hoping to open up early August over at 1401 Hudson Street.

In anticipation of their opening, owner Maureen Jaret reached out to Hoboken411 and gave us some samples to try and share with friends.

We did that and think that people who like sweets and cupcakes are in for a mondo treat once they open up.

An assortment of flavors we tried in both “mini” and “regular” sizes. Both were “stuffed.” Red velvet, Chocolate Chip Cappuccino, Mudslide, Dirty Blonde, Simply Delicious, Old Fashion, Tres Leches and Banana Blast flavors..

Also thrown in were some “Lollicakes,” in Red velvet, Blackout, Vanilla Fudge, and Oreo flavors.

Every person sampling the cupcakes were pleased. Very moist and fresh. We happened to like the Banana flavor for it’s uniqueness.

The “lollicakes” were extremely decadent – almost melt in your mouth, but sort of the feeling of fudgie cookie dough. Hard to explain. Best with milk. But a good “quick bite” for those that can’t trust themselves with a giant cupcake. Took me a week to get back on track on the low-carb lifestyle. The risks we take to share the news.

Jaret’s will do just fine uptown. The owners are fabulous, real people who are actually in touch with their businesses – as well as their customers. You can just tell!

Good Luck Jaret’s once you open! (oh and call them at 201-683-7086 if you want to get a head start!))

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