Trees decimated at Church Square Park

Tree-cutting city USA: Hoboken, NJ

Jeez, more trees chopped to the ground over at Church Square Park. And some group decreed that Hoboken was a member of “Tree City USA?” Ha!

Apparently, some city numb-nut made the declaration that certain trees in the park needed to be cut down. Maybe it had something to do with the fact they existed since the Russo administration?

Not sure if they had any qualifications, because those trees looked fine, had healthy leaves, and were home to dozens of squirrels! Some trees had minor imperfections and anomalies – but looking at the wood cuts – the trunks of the trees appeared to be in fantastic shape.

My guess is that something to do with (potential) legal liabilities. Wonder how the shade tree commission feels about this reckless landscaping?

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I checked with one of the parks guys and many of the branches that were cut down were rotten or on the verge of rotting and even more alarming on the verge of possibly falling on a child, adult, dog, bird or squirrel. Limbs that may have looked healthy may not have been as healthy as they looked and/or may have been hanging on wires that could be another hazard in church park. Cut a tree back and for the most part it comes back a healthier happier tree and less of an insurance liability on our fair city.
And yea I know the tree Monty is talking about, it was a rotter.


At least one of those trees had some trunk rot. I think if you had picture from the other side you would have seen that.


Were some of these trees victims of the “topping” debacle a few years ago? Wasn’t that method extremely harmful to a tress long-term health?