Driving in Hoboken, NJ is so bad…

Zimmered in Hoboken NJ - Zimmered“How bad is it?”

Well – local Reverend Alex Santora pointed out recently that while some other NJ cities made some lame “list” about bad driving cities – he suspects exactly why Hoboken didn’t make the “list.”

“Jersey City” is not “one of (the) worst cities for drivers in the country.” Hoboken is! And in the world, as well.

What probably happened is that the people from WalletHub heard how Mayor Dawn Zimmer has re-engineered roadways to create traffic jams and wanted to see this fiasco for themselves. But they tried to enter Hoboken from Jersey Avenue and were stuck in traffic as far back as 15th Street in Jersey City. So they blamed it on Jersey City when in fact they were “Zimmered.”

Loosely translated, it means don’t own a car or drive in Hoboken.”


Announcing a new Hoboken word for 2015!

Dawn Zimmered - ZimmeredIn a miraculous silver lining to his sentiments – it appears that Rev. Santora has coined a new word to add to our vernaculars in 2015: “Zimmered.”

Which we can roughly translate as “fucked up,” or “screwed” or “#FAIL.”

Below are some examples you can use the next time you’re out with friends:

  • “The hookup was going fine, until her fat friend came over and Zimmered my chances.” (i.e., cock-blocked)
  • “She dropped my phone in the pool. Now, it’s totally Zimmered!” (i.e., fucked up, fried, toast)
  • “I’m feeling a bit Zimmered after eating that suspicious veggie dip.” (i.e., queasy, nauseous, sick)
  • “Our chances for an economic recovery have been totally Zimmered by that ruling.” (i.e., screwed)

Enjoy your lunch!

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