Hoboken Week in Review – 4/13/2008


Another week in the books in Hoboken!

The intensity is growing for this week’s Board of Education election. See a full list of where you can educate yourself and find out who’s who below.

Still trying to take a week off (it’s been years!)… I have about 83 days left to figure out how and your help is requested! Anyone willing to contribute an article or two, a song or video, photo gallery, restaurant review, cheers or jeers about the city, let me know! Email me at hoboken411@gmail.com with your ideas. I’m open for almost anything!


Board of Education election April 15th

Collectively, the upcoming Hoboken Board of Education election was the busiest overall topic of discussion last week. Here’s a quick reference list of links for you to review:

Other than the BoE, here are the Top 10 articles published or bumped this week that had the hottest overall chat action in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. More on the Hoboken Parking Meters
    A Hoboken resident shares his findings about who “counts” the money collected from the city’s parking meters.
  2. New Cafe now open in Hoboken
    Fancy Zebu Forno opens up downtown. Readers share their initial experiences.
  3. Kid hates harmless canines
    The story of the wacko punk that wished to inflict harm on a dog gets resurrected.
  4. Neanderthal Politics
    Not sure what happened here, but the fluff story about Sybil’s Cave along the waterfront somehow made the front page.
  5. Homeless Shelter Fundraiser (Happy Hour)
    The Hoboken Shelter tries to raise money to help those in need. Sticky debates and opinions about homeless people happen as a result.
  6. Why a Hoboken business left town
    Read the story about how Luscious Paper high-tailed it out of Hoboken because of an inconsiderate landlord.
  7. County Politics
    The big Hudson County Freeholders race gets summarized here on Hoboken411.
  8. The commercialization of Hoboken?
    Questions are asked about rising store rents, capitalism, and the charm of unique local businesses.
  9. Another pedestrian mowed down
    This time in front of City Hall on Friday.
  10. Tax Time!
    One Hoboken411 reader asks where to get their taxes checked on the cheap.

Other notable items of interest

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