4th Street Pilates & Personal Training

More Pilates in Hoboken

Replacing Kure Pilates by Krista (which moved downtown) at 401 Bloomfield Street is another pilates place called 4th Street Pilates & Personal Training.

Here’s how they explain what this form of fitness entails:

“Our programming will incorporate specifically selected exercises to improve alignment, neuromuscular patterns, body imbalances, and joint stability and mobility, while utilizing specific release techniques. Our instructors will personally design each session using contemporary and classical methods.”

Single sessions are $91 each, and you can pre-purchase 20 workouts for just under one thousand six hundred dollars ($1600 or around $80 per workout). So if you’d want to work out three times a week, prepare to spend about $12,000 per year to use those pilates contraptions. I heard people who require “rehab” type conditioning fare well. They must be doing something right because there’s a market for it.

4th Street Pilates Hoboken NJ Personal Training

Description: Pilates facility
Address: 401 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-704-0902
Email: greg@4thstreetpilates.com
Online: 4thstreetpilates.com

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