9th Cloud Vape Van

9th Cloud Vape Van rolling in Hoboken, NJ

You know the “Vape” trend is big when you have a mobile truck to support it! Introducing the 9th Cloud Vape Van!

Two local Hoboken guys seized the opportunity and created the 9th Cloud Vape Van, which “rolled out” this week.

9th Cloud Vape Van Hoboken interior

They carry all the essentials when it comes to “vaping” (atomizers, flavored juice, all that jazz), along with rolling papers for those who enjoy “RYO-ing.”

Apparently – they also have exceptional pricing. So check them out (often downtown by the waterfront) – also plan on hanging out on the “main avenue” (Washington Street) during bustling weekends and weeknights.

Inside the van – you can chill-out with the guys, and even catch a Netflix movie while puffing away.

Oh, and that slick artwork wrapping the van? That was done by the skilled hands of Dylon Thomas Burns. So check out his site as well!

Good luck guys!

Description: 9th Cloud Vape van. Smokeshop accessories and wholesale retailers.
Address: Mobile. Varies. Check online for latest location. Also setup at Ottomanelli’s Liquor Store (422 Monroe St.)
Online: Facebook

9th Cloud Vape Van Hoboken artwork Dylon Thomas Burns

(PS – in case you still haven’t figured it out – “Vapes” and “vaping” refers to electronic cigarettes, or commonly referred to as “E-cigs.”)

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