Hoboken Parks Division


Description –
Parks division
Services – Erie Lackawanna Plaza, Steven’s Park , Columbus Park, Elysian Park, Sinatra Park, Pier A Park, Church Square Park, Neighborhood Playgrounds and Community Gardens – Madison Street Park, Legion Park, Jerry Molloy Park, Multi-Service Park.
Website – www.hobokennj.org
Address – 94 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4556
Telephone – (201) 420-2349

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I called it in early this am. The officer was very nice and said he would send someone over. When I walked by later in the day it was gone. Hopefully by the police and not by some kid or animal.


Call it in.
I have had numerous issues with the amount of homeless residents of our parks and the amount of unruly gangs of kids. Although the park I frequently cut through late at night after coming home from the gym, etc. is Church Square park (Garden to Willow, 4th to 5th), I think that the police need to keep better control of the parks generally. I have spoken to the police and the mayor/city council members about safety issues in the parks. If more people complain, maybe they will step up patrols.

kooky kat

Kids being “thugs!” I would call that in, seriously, protect the dogs!! The other animals that hang out in there should not be able to do whatever it is they are doing in there!

I don’t particularly think that park is safe after dark, I had a friend get jumped there after he got off work one night (granted, it was 4AM) but a couple of kids jumped him, broke his nose and ran. They were so friggin stupid they didn’t even take his money, which was probably about 300 bucks! Idiots.


Okay was just walking thru Columbus Park (9th and Clinton) and saw a needle on the pavement. should I call it in or just ignore it? I should state it was closed. Advice please.

For those that dont know tons of kids play in this park and lots of people walk their dog.