PedSafe crosswalk app

Yep. PedSafe Crosswalk App to keep you “Safe!”

We really have crossed the line – when people actually need and download “apps” for their phones to “keep them safe” when doing something as simple as crossing the damn street!

That’s right – introducing the PedSafe app – “your own personal crosswalk.”

“The PedSafe free app provides an easy to use and safe tool for pedestrians of all languages, cultures and ages. Utilize the app so you can be visible to drivers when you are crossing or walking near streets and roadways.”

They wanted me to share this with drivers after we recently chimed in about some pedestrian-related stories in Hoboken.

Do you really need “apps” for what normally amounts to common sense?

Here’s an app for you that some of you most likely forgot about: HUMAN COMMON SENSE.

You know, look both ways, make sure the coast is clear, and do you best to get to the other side as fast as possible. Pretty simple, right?

No, instead we’ll fiddle with this “app,” then blink our phones as we slowly shuffle across the street.

Not only that, we’ll probably cause epileptic seizures for some drivers, while blinding semi-drunks into confusion – causing more harm than we would have otherwise!

And more – these dopes are not looking both ways – ONLY at “oncoming” traffic. What if some old-lady is driving on the wrong side? They’re doomed anyway!

Just another notch in the narcissistic belt of society: “Look at me and my bright blinking PedSafe phone, you evil drivers of cars!!!”

Is this – or is this not ridiculous?:

PedSafe crosswalk app stupid - PedSafe crosswalk app

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