Beta Tester Bling

Benefits of being a Beta Tester: Bling!

We’ve been a beta-tester for for a while now – and it’s proven to be pretty good so far (we shared some initial thoughts previously). We’ve apparently saved close to $300 since making various purchases with

And as a “thank you” for providing valuable feedback to the “Jet Team,” they sent us a nice little care package.

A soft t-shirt, two pairs of purple socks, some stickers to place on our products (in case we’re the type to “tweet” and “fakebook” every move in our lives), and some FREE one year membership cards!

So if anyone wants a free one year membership to ($60 value), just email for consideration. Just say in your email why you want or deserve it – and what you’re planning on purchasing. We’ll mail the card to you if you’re chosen!

Jet In Gear Beta Tester Bling Hoboken NJ - Beta Tester Bling

Oh – and PS, Jet officially launches on July 21, 2015 (everyone gets six months free).

Jet launches July 21 2015 - Beta Tester Bling

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