Reader Mail: Using City Property


Here’s what one 411 reader saw last night:

“Dear Hoboken411,

At exactly 7:45pm tonight I witnessed a HPU employee loading a mattress, box spring and bed frame into a black Dodge Dakota HPU pick up truck. Not only is a city vehicle, purchased and operated with taxpayer dollars, being used for private use, but a city employee was loading the furniture! I called the HPU office and the woman on the phone indicated to me that the employee was “on break.” Even if they were on break that doesn’t justify the private use of a city vehicle. It would have been better if they were loading the furniture into the “money van”…haha! This is a blatant misuse of taxpayer property and funds.

PS, I witnessed this ridiculous act while the truck was illegally double parked on Jefferson Street between 4th and 5th.

Best Regards,
“Hard Working Hoboken Taxpayer”

HPU Pickup Truck Hoboken
(picture of a similar HPU truck parked illegally last year)

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When calculating a public sector worker net cost in a budget ,its the salary plus 85%. So $50000 is really $92500 thats everything pension,health,vaction& any any other perks. But the use of vehicle for personal use is not factored in.


You need to bear something in mind about city workers. If you are just focusing on the salary, you do not see the whole picture. The cost of the PLATINUM BENEFITS these people receive is astronomical. So even some garbage $50,000 job sweeping the street is the equivalent of about a $65,000-$75,000 private sector job.

FYI – family health coverage can cost up to $20,000 a year…do these people even pay a penny for it????


he got tired of sleeping in the truck!


The ticket guys make about $8.50 per hour! Not one makes $80g a year. In fact three together don’t see $80g a year! Not all these guys are bad and have no other income or even transportation for that matter.

Granted there are some pathetic POS at the HPU, I know I dealt with several before!

Should he be doing this? Maybe not but the guy should not be fired for this. Just not permitted to do it again.

There are far worse people in city hall that need to go and that is half the council to start with!


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agreed but this guy makes 8 bucks an hour writing tix, I dont thin he should be fired for this.[/quote]

I’m sure it’s more like $80,000 a year to write tickets.