Rummage & Ruffage

New: Saturday Rummage & Ruffage Farmers Market

Yet another farmers market option for Hoboken on Saturdays!

Have you heard about the Rummage & Ruffage “midtown” Farmers Market and Rummage Sale? It started this year.

Takes place at The Church of the Holy Innocents site at 6th & Willow every Saturday through October.

While it may take away from the Garden Street Farmers Market on the same day, it’s also good for those who might have a difficult time getting to 14th Street.

Here’s what it looked like last weekend. Check ’em out!

About Rummage & Ruffage in Hoboken

Hoboken’s first community rummage sale and midtown farmers market kicked off every Saturday morning with yoga on the lawn

  • Saturdays on the lawn of the Church of the Holy Innocents (the corner of 6th and Willow, Hoboken, NJ)
  • 8am – Yoga
  • 9am – Juice and Coffee stands open
  • 10am – 2pm Rummage and Ruffage
  • Complimentary bike valet – arrive on wheels and park in our bike valet!

What is RUMMAGE?

verb rum·mage \ˈrə-mij\
Bring things you’d like to part with and sell them! For $20 you will be provided with a 6 foot table and audience to purchase the things you no longer consider treasures. We suggest setting up your table in an inviting and approachable way so that you get maximum buyers. Bring a table cloth if you’d like. Remember, if you think it’s junk (i.e. falling apart, broken, torn, unusable) chances are others will too.

What is RUFFAGE?

noun ruff·age \ˈrə-fij\
This farmers market will be the first mid-town market aiming to reach all of Hoboken because of its convenient central location. We encourage Hoboken residents to troll all the markets throughout the week because each offers different famers and services.

This mid-town market will have vegetable farmers with fresh eggs, grass-fed and pasture raised meats, baked goods, salsa, traditional and vegan cheese stands, freshly pressed juices and a coffee stand as well as some prepared food options.

CSA pick-ups will be available from the farmers that offer that service.


  • Unique to our farmers market will be cooking classes held periodically throughout the day*. You will learn how to properly cut an eggplant or how to create a dish using some of the veggies you just bought from the farmers!
  • Also, special to our market will be a complimentary bike valet service. Hoboken is bike friendly! Ride your bike to the market and have it parked by our valet. The valet will be carefully staffed by responsible individuals but, we cannot be held responsible for damages or theft.
  • This market will also be a Community Compost Company pickup location.

* The chef’s schedule may shift week to week so check for specifics each week.

Have fun!

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