The Organic Life

“The Organic Life” Chronicles a Year in the Life of One Organic Farmer

(note: This great video will only be available for free until 7/17 – so watch it as soon as you can! This video may not be viewable on mobile devices or in all countries, so if you want to show your support buy a copy here.)

By Dr. Mercola

The organic life farming - The Organic LifeDo you know what goes into the growing of those beautiful organic tomatoes that appear at the farmer’s market every summer? The documentary “The Organic Life” shows what it takes to sustain an organic farm and puts a face to your local farmer.

Unless you grew up on a farm or do a fair amount of backyard gardening, chances are you really don’t know what transpires in the 200-some days it takes to produce that heirloom tomato.

The film, produced by filmmaker Casey Beck, is a yearlong chronicle of the life of one young farmer, Austin Blair, whom Casey has since married.

Farmers like Austin are an increasingly rare breed, as fewer and fewer young men and women are choosing to make farming their livelihood. And given today’s challenges, it’s really no surprise that so few are returning to work the land.

In 1945, the average age of the American farmer was 39; today, it’s 55. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the number of farmers under the age of 45 dropped 14 percent between 2002 and 2007.1

“The Organic Life” is a look at sustainable farming—not merely in terms of how they make the farm viable, but also how the farm sustains its keepers.

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