Graffiti artists against (fill in the blank)

Hoboken graffiti artists have messages… what do they mean?

Spotted this rambling “marker message” (commonly referred to as “graffiti”) along Observer Highway the other day…

Hoboken anti graffiti artist NJ - Graffiti artists against (fill in the blank)

“Our government go to war for greed and bring drugs so pigs can have a job arresting American men… they bring poppy seeds so pigs make a job arresting our American men when soldiers learn this to be true – every day they commit suicide…”

I know this guy’s handwriting. And much of it is “out there.” But this may have a lot of truth to it. Imagine a troup of men ordered to kill people for “whatever?” Then they get home, in the “land of the free” to see worse things happening? I don’t know, but I can imagine it being a bit distressing.

However, anyone who is half “awake” should realize that there are many other problems going on – specifically in regards to the so-called “freedoms” you think you have. Just try and travel freely around. See what happens…

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