Corona Beer Can LIE!

Corona Can has arrived – A big fat lie!

Corona beer, who’s known for a long time that CLEAR beer bottles pretty much translate into “skunked” beer, have finally woken up.

Corona Beer Can Hoboken NJ WRONG

Corona Cans have been around for a long time!

However, they’re lying through their teeth.

Here’s the advertisement at 14th & Park: “The Corona can has arrived.”


The “Corona can” has been around for over a decade! You’re just a little (LOT) late announcing it. Or marketing it, that is…

We’ve been drinking these so-called “new arrival” cans, longer than most of you have been outside puberty. Suck on those apples, scumbags!

(FYI, Coronoa cans taste SO MUCH better than bottles. And never use limes, unless you’re in a fly-infested area – that is where that tactic became prevalent…)

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