Modern Day Beggars?

Is this what beggars have become? Scamming for taxi money?

Not sure if this is legit or not – but I’ve seen similar “tactics” used all over, so let’s examine:

Social media user @_brian_daly sent a “twit-twat-tweeter” (or whatever they’re called these days) to us 20 minutes ago:

“Pix of woman scamming on 1st St. for weeks. Needs taxi $ to N. Arlington #scam”

The plain English, non-condensed, un-social-mediaized version of this is:

“Below is a photograph of what I believe is a woman scamming on First Street for what I believe has been several weeks now. She claims she needs money in order to take a taxi home to North Arlington, New Jersey. I believe this is a scam, which is why I used this horrible new social mechanism called a “hashtag” to somehow give in depth meaning to just one single word that other people will click on and further waste their time delving into the meaningless lives of other average people throughout the landscape…”

beggar asking for money for taxi in Hoboken NJ is that a scam - Modern Day Beggars?

Is it wrong to ask for money?

The population does not have time to “vet” every single person out. Heck, you don’t even have time to vet out your LOCAL GOVERNMENTS – and you’re worried about a lonely soul on the sidewalk asking for money?

Perhaps this broad is crafty. Maybe she does need money – but a semi-attractive (not drugged up or filthy) lady who “acts” sincere and can earn a few bucks – EVEN IF IT IS A LIE, is not her problem. It’s YOURS.

So Mr. @_brian_daly has done what job “outing” this #scam lady? Does he know her circumstance? Maybe her mother is in the hospital with cancer? What if she has a drug or alcohol habit? Who the fuck knows (or cares really). But Mr. @_brian_daly cares enough to notify local media and more – because this broad is probably taking in more cash than him (and has a bigger pair of balls, despite not being born with any).

I’ve seen other stupid shit like this on “YouTube” where some lady was “acting” crippled, and collected money in a jar – yet drove away in some kind of fancy SUV.

That is YOUR fault, people. Do not blame the actors. Never.

Whether you give money to some stupid “mime” in NYC, or a lady claiming to be “in need,” it really all is entertainment in the end.

Best bet? Share your “riches” with ONLY trusted friends, family and neighbors – and the world will be a better place. These so-called “nomads” have existed for centuries.

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It sounds like a plot for a porn movie. Oh taxi driver i don’t have any money can’t we work something out? and off they go into the backseat.


I would give her a few bucks if she dressed down a little.


He needs to get laid, then outing strangers will be unnecessary.