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Clifton Savings Bank coming to Hoboken, New Jersey

CSBK (Clifton Savings Bank), which serves businesses and individuals throughout northern New Jersey, has announced its plans to open a full-service banking center on the first floor of Park + Garden, a 12-story residential and commercial development by Bijou Properties, located at 1450 Garden Street, Hoboken.

Although the office is scheduled to open in the fall, CSBK is already hard at work developing relationships with the surrounding community. As part of that effort, the Bank recently reached out to one of its most immediate neighbors, the Elysian Charter School, in the form of a $10,000 donation.

Clifton Savings Bank Hoboken NJ 1450 Garden 2 - Clifton Savings Bank

CSBK Supports Hoboken’s Elysian Charter School with $10,000 Donation

The Elysian Charter School is relocating to the floors above CSBK, and the new space still requires extensive outfitting. When CSBK recognized Elysian’s need, it quickly stepped in to assist the school’s fundraising efforts. As Elysian looks for a smooth start to the first year in its new location, CSBK’s gift will provide students with gym equipment and help fill library shelves.

Dr. Harry Laub, Director of the school, commented, “Joan Spiegel, our Corporate Sponsorship and Outreach Coordinator, had heard a community bank would be occupying the space next door to our school entrance and was hoping to make a connection. The bank contacted us first, and she was thrilled to report CSBK would assist us with our Capital Campaign. What a surprising and much-appreciated gesture by our new neighbor.”

Elysian school administration and CSBK also see the opportunity to partner in an effort to enrich curriculum offerings, particularly among 6th to 8th grade levels. Volunteers among the banking center staff can deliver basic financial literacy curricula, including guidelines and best practices to protect personal identity and financial information.

Paul Aguggia, Chairman, President and CEO of CSBK, noted, “It was my great pleasure to visit with the students and parents when we presented the donation check to the school. It is wonderful to witness first-hand the excitement surrounding the move to the new space. We wish them well with the final phases of the relocation process.”

CSBK Elysian Charter School of Hoboken - Clifton Savings Bank

Paul Aguggia, Chairman, President and CEO of CSBK (center) presented the $10,000 donation to Dr. Harry Laub, Director (left) and Eduardo Gonzalez, Chair, Board of Trustees (right), of the Elysian Charter School at the schools’ June 12th Community Day program.


CSBK is a metropolitan, community-focused bank serving residents and small businesses in Northern New Jersey, with emphasis on customers who prefer simplicity, sincerity and sound advice – delivered through helpful, knowledgeable bankers. For more information, visit CSBKNJ.COM or call 973-473-2200.

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