Excessive Street Markings

What’s up with the excessive Hoboken street markings?

At what point do you say “enough is enough” when it comes to how many street markings you can put on public roadways?

Take a look at this intersection downtown.

Curb lines, bike lanes, cross walks, lane dividers, directional arrows and the proverbial “don’t block the box” grid. What a clusterfuck of paint!

Average drivers will probably get more distracted trying to decipher what this means – defeating the purpose.

Additionally, all this paint comes at a cost. An ongoing cost in perpetuity. That property taxpayers will have to foot the bill for.

I can save the property taxpayers millions by having just a few big signs located throughout the city: “Drive, walk and bike at your own risk. Thank you!”

Excessive street markings in Hoboken NJ - Excessive Street Markings

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You’ll need an instruction manual and a FAQ to travel on Hoboken streets without getting a ticket. And some people have the nerve to worry about getting robbed on the street. Ha! It’s worse than that!


It’s scary that the clown of a Mayor thinks that this is normal.


Overreliance on tech and signals plus Under enforcement equals more marking for the outline of the body of the pedestrian that gets hit.