Yuck: School Lunches

Yuck: Is anyone okay with what is called “school lunches?”

While the country burns with stupid debates like what flags mean, or what is considered “hate speech,” there are bigger problems that happen millions of times a day throughout the country: What your kids are being fed at school.

Have you seen this video from a few years back: Yuck! about school lunch, which stars (and supposedly was written by) then 4th grader Zachary Maxwell (no relation to Maxwell Place or Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken.. haha!)

The food served at public schools is only getting worse (at least compared to my memories back in the day). They even have stupid “celebrity” endorsements from commercial bobble-heads like Rachael Ray, etc. It’s turned into a circus, that’s for sure. And where is all the public money going when all the kids eat is nothing I’d ever accept, even if they paid me!

Why this doesn’t have the entire country walking around with pitchforks and torches is beyond me.

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