Lazy Hoboken Food Delivery?

Phoning home: What’s up with that lazy Hoboken food delivery?

I recently had a conversation with a Hoboken411 reader, who was a bit dismayed at what appears to be a growing trend among delivery drivers: Calling that the food has arrived (and to come down and pick it up.)

For us, whatever apartment we’ve ever lived in – for some odd reason, our buzzer is not in working order. So we actually tell EVERY place we’ve ever ordered from to “call” when they’re close by, so we can meet them and move the transaction along.

Hoboken Food Delivery

However this has seemingly become a trend, even amongst those who’ve not requested it, as another reader Hoboken411 David pointed out:

“Whenever I order delivery through Seamless in Hoboken, the driver calls me when he arrives, he does not buzz my buzzer, often they will say the buzzer does not work, so I have to come down to get the food, now the other day I was sitting in front of my building and the driver called me to say my delivery was here, yet he was not here yet.

Now the part that rubs me is I believe they call so they don’t have to go up to my apt. How is this “delivery” if I have to go retrieve it… I’m wondering how many other people have this same issue of “partial delivery.”

On top of it a lot of restaurants charge a delivery fee, and then I tip on top of that being sometimes a 6 dollar tip. Does the driver get that delivery fee?”

I don’t know if others are having issues. I can see a problem if your buzzer actually works – and the drivers want to do the “least amount possible.”

But at the same time, I recall most of the times I ordered food – I’d want the food “as soon as possible” as well – and if that meant waiting – so be it.

PS- I have a “special treat” for you guys to keep in your freezer. Wow, you will never need to order “drunken Hoboken food delivery” again! Stay tuned for the magic secret!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015 6:21 pm

Few want to do business courtesies in Hoboken is what it comes down to. The companies won’t make any money with the overzealous ticketing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 8:10 am

I have a special treat for you: Only order takeout from places with their own delivery service.

This year it’s Seamless, last year it was something else, the year before something else..for over a decade now. It seems that the “we’ll pick it up and then deliver it to you for a fee” companies are fly by night and offer lousy service.

I get chinese food really fast from a place 10 blocks away, always less than 30 minutes. But I also tip at least 15%.

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