Hard to shoplift Watermelons in Hoboken, NJ

Many stores (supermarkets, bodegas) have massive watermelons “ripe for the picking” right in front of their stores. Like King’s here below.

Why are they so “care-free” about these precious fruits?

watermelons are not stolen in Hoboken NJ - Watermelons

Watermelons are not easy to steal… or are they?

Watermelons aren’t necessarily cheap. What does a massive watermelon cost these days anyway? Ten bucks? (We don’t eat them so we don’t monitor the current pricing trends).

Perhaps I missed this in marketing school. But I’m gathering, based on personal observation, that “cumbersome” things like watermelons, cars, lawn tractors, etc. can easily be left in front of a store without risk of theft.

But with so much of the population loving watermelons – I wonder what the theft percentage is in 2015. 1 out 50? An amazing life insight for sure!


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