Your long weekend

Independence Day Long Weekend in Hoboken

4th of july long weekend 2015 - Your long weekendThursday of last week, many of you were “amped up” about your proverbial “long weekend” where you were “lucky” enough to get a little extra time off to gallivant or whatever you do when you’re not at work.

(This obviously doesn’t really apply to those out of work at the moment – but hope those people at least had fun this past weekend!)

But today (or one day soon) after your “long weekend” is but a faint memory of desperate social media “bullet-points” – you’ve probably forgotten about the ecstatic feeling of “freedom” you had now that you’re back in the grind. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Things to think about “your” long weekends

Well, other than trying to find an accurate “history” of our country, and all the things that have happened in the past 240 years – how many of you think about the “pleasure” that comes from “long weekends” and other holidays throughout the year?

So many people I know are “thirsty” for extra “down time” like those weekends. As if it’s some kind of treat that is unattainable any other way. Like obedient dogs who are thrilled to get an extra biscuit. Something doesn’t seem right.

Here is a collection of observations about work, locale, and these “fabulous” days off for you to ask yourself (if you dare):

  • For those of you who’ve “progressed” up whatever job-ladder you’re on (whether corporate, startup, etc.) – how many of you have correspondingly increased your so-called standard of living to the point where you absolutely cannot do without your current job?
  • What about your choice of living arrangements? Have you chosen to live in the absolute maximum place you can “afford” on your current salaries?
  • Shopping. Because you might make more – do you find yourself spending more on “discretionary” items (like food and entertainment) just because you have a little extra money?
  • Binge-drinking. You get fucked up, are rendered useless for a day or two, and “pick yourself back up” and tell your “war stories” with your equally retarded co-workers the following week. Is that a good use of your “free time?” Or is it all crap, and no better way to wither away than to drink yourself one step closer to a hospital bill?

The reason those brief questions come up – is because I see most people who are “relieved” by these (very few) extra days off, have such a short-term outlook – none of which include living completely independently.

long weekend wasted getting drunk in Hoboken NJ - Your long weekend

Can you have a permanent long weekend whenever you want?

I think that most of you out there (who are capable of independent thought, inner-drive and awareness), can achieve a plateau where you can be in control of your life.

Yes, that may include temporary sacrifice (i.e., living well below your means in order to build up). Or being in a place you might not “prefer.” Or not having the latest (like dealing with an iPhone 4s instead of iPhone 6 – or without a smart phone altogether? That’s at least $1500 a year saved right there!)

If you “suffered” through such atrocities, perhaps you can either start your own business – or have enough of a nest egg to take six months off every couple years to explore the world. Gone would be those “treasured” long weekends where you get away from your cage called “work” only to dread the first day back. What a vicious cycle of crap that is!

Okay, enough already! Do what you love!

Had a conversation with a friend the other day, who was looking to get into the liquor-distribution business. They have some money saved, and think that running a business is really easy, with no risks, etc.

My advice to them was also risky – but has many more potential rewards: Find what you truly LOVE to do – and do that.
If what you love to do is very low-paying, you might have some problems. But getting into any business (your own or otherwise), does typically come with a “warm up” period.

But seriously – imagine a life where every day is spend doing THINGS YOU LOVE. What is better than that?

So what if what you love pays like shit? Then you adjust your living arrangements and other expenses to match.

Why? Because when you spend the majority of your week doing something you DEEP DOWN, and HONESTLY love to do:

  1. It will never feel like work (a burden)
  2. You will get better at it (and likely earn a better living).

Aren’t those two points alone worth it?

What’s the point of having a $4,000 “luxury apartment” with paper-thin walls, when you arrive home completely exhausted and uninspired?

Think about that as you “recover” from this recent long weekend. And email if you want some inspiration. I can help.

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