Hoboken High School on TV


You ever wonder why people marvel at themselves when they’re “on TV?” I see it all the time during baseball games.. people on their cell phones waving and saying “do you see me? do you see me?” and then the person on the other side says “Yeah! I see you, I see you!”

I never got that… it’s not like TV is even as big a deal as it used to be… but I digress… From the Hoboken BoE website:

Watch Hoboken High on News 12 on April 15!

News 12 was here on April 1, 2008 in conjunction with The State Chamber of Commerce’s Education Foundation to feature Hoboken High School as part of their ongoing focus of NJ high performing high schools when compared with schools that are similar in various categories. Ms. Grygiel’s Social Studies class was featured. We anticipate that the program will air on April 15, every hour beginning at 5:15 AM with the last show at 4:15 PM.”

hoboken high school on tv news 12 new jersey - Hoboken High School on TV

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