Hoboken parking notes

What’s up with the Hoboken parking notes?

Not a day goes by where you don’t pass a parked car around Hoboken with some kind of parking note on the dashboard.

Usually, it’s some kind of “plea” to the HPU or police begging not to receive a ticket.

But why do these people feel exempt from the parking rules, and what are their justifications?

Let’s take a look at two of the more common ones:

“I work in Hoboken!”

Hoboken parking notes please dont ticket work at foot locker store manager

The note above says “Please don’t ticket (Smiley Face) Work at Foot Locker – Store Manager.”

  • Okay, they have a paid parking stub in the window, isn’t that enough?
  • Oh, I get it – if you let your stub expire (which makes it invalid), you want special treatment?
  • Sure! That “smiley face” means you’re friendly. That makes us feel warm and fuzzy.
  • What? You’re the store manager at Foot Locker and not just a lowly clerk? Okay! I’ll let you go!

Joking aside, it’s kind of pathetic to see people essentially begging for human compassion, when it should be the norm. But it’s next to impossible living in a Draconian society.

“My car is broke!”

Hoboken parking notes pleast do not ticket car does not start

This also happens a lot. Conveniently on the day of street cleaning too. “Please do not ticket or tow away. Car does not start. Thank you!”

  • You just figured out that your car doesn’t start? Right.
  • Well, shouldn’t you be getting this repaired or towed lickety-split?
  • Where are you anyway?

It’s understandable that sometimes cars parked on the street can suffer mechanical issues. But since it’s not YOUR driveway, getting it fixed is not something you can do casually “at your convenience.” It really should be a priority.

But without the driver nearby to demonstrate an actual problem, how can one be sure they just didn’t put the note there for selfish reasons?

Sigh, I just can’t wait for the days where everyone has a bicycle…

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Thursday, July 2, 2015 10:13 pm

True story. Then there are the ones that ask not to be ticket because they are relatives of “Mayor” Dawn Zimmer.

alice Stockton-Rossi
alice Stockton-Rossi
Thursday, July 2, 2015 4:04 pm

First of all you shouldn’t have to leave a note. But GOD FORBID the foot locker guy is waiting on a customer when his meter runs out. He or she WILL get a ticket. What disturbs me is I feel like the roving parking pandi’s hide in the shadows waiting for some one to run an errand, drop off a kid or run into the bank to see if they can sneak a ticket on your car before you catch them. The last time I got a ticket before TODAY…. I was unloading my car, it was full of equipment, my dog was in it, the flashers were on, did I need to leave a note that I was unloading? I walked out after my 4th run and there was a ticket on the street side of my car , not the sidewalk side. so what’s that tell you. TODAY I went to the fricking bank, I literally ran in to make a deposit so I could run out and get back to work and literally within 5 minutes I had a ticket. I tried not to let it ruin my day but it did. Every DAY I run into the same waitress who works near my block running out to feed the meter every two hours. WTF!? WHATS SO FRUSTRATING is I feel like no one is listening. How about a special permit for people who work in Hoboken? Or a special zone, forget about the little car spaces,… Read more »

Reply to  alice Stockton-Rossi
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 12:59 pm

There already are passes for workers in town to park in the visitor areas of all streets. This person was too lazy to go get one.
As for being ticketed, here’s an idea. Feed your meter. It’s a freaking quarter.
And as for people being tested specially, it’s happened for years. Not just during Zimmer years. Go look at Benny Tudinos every day- their customers double pro the whole block without getting ticketed. You think the cops and meter maids are getting some free slices here and there to look the other way?! Never! LOL

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