Best BBQ: The Holland Grill

BBQ in Hoboken? The Holland Grill is your best bet

BBQ grilling in Hoboken is an interesting quagmire. As many apartments are high above street-level, yet still have “outdoor” spaces, such as decks, patios or balconies.

I forget what the exact rule is, but more often than not – it’s kind of hazardous to have “flames” near any combustible part of a building. Which is why wooden decks are more dangerous than concrete, and so on. Depends on your condo association rules as well.

The main problem with most grills is “flare up.” Either from combustible charcoal (and lighter-fluid, if used) and meat juices on an open flame (which is the standard for the most part). These can cause dangerous fires if not properly set up, cleaned and maintained.

Holland Grill Best BBQ - Best BBQ: The Holland Grill

How often do you replace your BBQ grill?

We’ve been idiots when it comes to grills. You don’t want to open your wallet to the point where you’re spending close to a grand, do you?

So you buy “lower-end” grills at places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart or Sears. Thinking you got a semi-decent grill, etc. Well, what happens?

The grill typically dies very fast. Usually within two or three years, sometimes the year you bought it! What kind of crap is that?

Thinking how “little” you paid, you just buy a new grill every year or two. But that adds up!

The typical “expert consumer” says: “Buy a Weber!”

Consensus in the (commercial) grill world is: Buy a Weber grill, and stop trying to save money on lesser models.

This may be very well true when it comes to “conventional” grills. With the fire coming through the grates, etc. Weber (for the most part) is the most reliable, long-lasting brand out there. Even though some of their lower-end lines (Spirit) come from China and suck ass. And even some of their higher-end models (Genesis, etc.) you have to bring a magnet to the store to see if that model specifically was made in China.

Who wants to deal with the uncertainty of where your grill was made?

Need to know: There are other buying outlets and brand options!

For one, just because it’s NOT at Home Depot – doesn’t mean that there are NO other options out there. You just have to try a bit harder.

One GREAT resource we found was BBQ Grills Made in America.

While it listed mostly charcoal grills – we found three manufacturers of propane grills made in the USA. The Holland GrillLazyman – and Wilmington Grill.

All three had nice designs, features – but Wilmington and Lazyman were well outside our budget ($2500 for what we could get for a $700 Weber!)

But the Holland Grill had sweet selling points (besides “USA”):

  • Simple, sturdy construction, stainless steel & aluminum
  • Affordable, with hearty warranties
  • Unique cooking method (indirect cooking, much like a “convection oven.”)

Tell me more about this “Holland Grill!”

Holland Grill the difference is inside - Best BBQ: The Holland Grill“Over two decades ago in a welding shop in North Carolina, Brad Holland changed grilling forever.

As with all grills, Brad struggled with the problem of flare-up and how to keep food from catching fire. After twelve years of hard work and extensive testing Brad solved the problem.

Grilling enthusiasts and professional caterers have been enjoying the “Holland System” in backyards, on patios, in campgrounds and tailgate parties since 1988.

The “Holland System” is a patented, ingenious system of heat control guards and a drip pan that prevent flare-ups. Simply close the lid and cook by time. Flare-ups have been virtually eliminated, and best of all, it’s guaranteed! Grill, steam, or smoke on your new Holland today!

Why the Holland Grill is best for Hoboken

Holland Grill Epic - Best BBQ: The Holland GrillAs you now know, the main selling point for The Holland Grill in Hoboken is: NO FLARE UPS. And this is truly a profound feature – especially in a city environment.

Besides the “safety” factor of preventing dangerous flare-ups, this grill is essentially a convection oven. All your food cooked is juicy and never dried out. You can also use it as a steamer (great for slow-cooked baby back ribs!)

And besides cooking meats well – you can add a multitude of other food! Vegetables (think stir fry), breads, potatoes, pizzas and much more. The fine grated stainless steel cooking surface is not prone to food falling under.

The aluminum heating / drip tray is also brilliant. Instead of the meat juices causing hot flare-ups, it simply “smokes” flavor back into your choice of meat, and then drains through the drip pan without ever catching fire (goes into a “drip-bucket” for easy disposal.)

The food we’ve cooked has come out perfect every time.

Holland Grill buying tips:

Here’s the quick deal. Holland grills come essentially in one main size (plus they have one “jumbo” flagship model, and a smaller “hibachi-sized” portable model).

Holland Grill Companion - Best BBQ: The Holland GrillThey have around half a dozen varieties of the core grill – ranging from just above $600 to slightly over $1100. NO difference in capabilities, burner or cooking surface (a little over 400 sq. in.). All identical in that regard.

The main differences involve the cabinet, the handles, and the material (i.e., stainless). We chose the “Freedom” model (middle of the line) due to the better handle and more aesthetic facade.

But the entry-level “Liberty” model will cook your food exactly the same as the other models.

About the only other things “better” about the higher models are longer warranties (up to 15 years) and the built-in wood-chip drawer for convenient smoking. You can still smoke on the other models, just using a different method.

Lastly, they have a “Companion” Propane BBQ model (pictured here) – perfect for putting on a patio table in Hoboken, even though they target the “tailgating” customer.

Where do you buy Holland Grills?

Your best best is to go to an authorized Holland Grill dealer to get one. That’s what we did, and were sold when we were able to see the quality construction, plus the fact that it is already assembled for you (saving an hour or two of frustration.)

There are only a handful of dealers within an hour of Hoboken:

Oakland Hardware (22 miles)
347 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ
(201)337-8068 All American Turf (37 Miles)
(732)918-1729 Moninghoff Appliance (56 miles)
Shop Chimney (25 miles)
25 Robert Pitt Drive, Suite 209 H, Monsey, NY
888-680-6812 Bassani Power Equipment (40 miles)

There is a place near Coney Island too – but probably not worth the tolls and hassle.

Hope this helps people searching for the perfect grill. I’m sure you’ll be happy for years to come with The Holland Grill.

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@hoboken411 – In a world where not one American car is made of 100% American sourced parts, I can live with a part or two coming from overseas as long as most parts and final assembly are American. Most Webers are a lot more American made than a Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado. The argument of which grill is easier to clean is a different story. I can’t speak to that as I have no experience cleaning the Holland. I can say I’d have more confidence taking a hose to the Weber’s stainless steel burners than the Holland’s cast iron. That said, both are good quality grills. But for me it comes down to features for the money.

The Freedom is more or less in the same price range as the Genesis E-310. For the same $700+ the Freedom doesn’t provide a fully enclosed cart with a door – a deal breaker for me. Also while I like that lifetime warranty on the Holland Burners (vs. 10 years for Weber) – you only get one burner on the Holland vs. 3 on the Weber. That’s another deal breaker because I do a lot of indirect cooking on areas with the burners off – that’s not possible with the Holland.

Lastly, Holland’s 5 year rust through warranty does not instill as much confidence as the 10 years Weber offers. To each his own I guess. Happy grilling!


Most of the well-known grill brands are made in China. All Weber charcoal grills are made in America, as are all their gas grills save for the Spirit model. Their Flavorizer bars similarly prevent flareups. They catch drips and vaporize it, returning the flavor to the meat. Yes, Webers are expensive – but you get what you pay for. There is a reason why they have the largest market share of the grill market by far.

Holland Grills has been around since 1988, a relative newcomer to the industry. Weber has been around for over 100 years and has a long proven track record of quality and longevity that no other brand can match. I for one am willing to pay a premium for that. That’s not to say that the Hollands aren’t good. But there are compromises made in features in order to reach their price point. It’s not lost on me that on most parts, Holland has half the warranty length of Weber.


Agreed, they make fantastic gas grills. I would say that the smoking option is really only good for giving things like chicken a “kiss” of smoke. If you want to do meats like ribs, butts or brisket, it isn’t going to give to really good results.