Stop calling the police

Take care of yourself: Stop calling the police!

Don’t feel like reading? Our point is: stop calling the police for trivial shit you can handle yourself. Why? Because it is 99% better you don’t get any “official agency” involved in your personal life.

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stop calling the police 911 - Stop calling the police

Police intervention only complicates everything

People “call the cops” for practically everything in Hoboken these days. An animal stuck in a tree. A bar fight. A shoplifter. A fender-bender. A “domestic dispute.”


My guess is that most people are either afraid, or unable to “see things through” in an amicable way. They need “someone else” to handle their dirty laundry. (Maybe part of the reason “wash & fold” is so popular in urban settings).

When to call the cops – when NOT to call the cops

Sure, there are certain instances where it IS beneficial to have police involvement in your life. Such as:

  • Your home was burglarized while you were out.
  • A murder took place.
  • Car was stolen.
  • An accident where major fault was at play.

Other than that, it’s probably not necessary any other point in time.

Think about it for a second. Why do we need a “mediator” to get involved? Sure, disputes can be annoying – but more often than not – it costs you MORE to have them involved.

Fender-bender: Instead of having a police report, an accident on your “record” and other insurance crap – try to work it out with the other person involved in the accident. Be honest. Work out a payment. Paying a few grand for repairs for damage you caused is probably cheaper than increased insurance rates for a very long time.

Fights, domestic incidents: Unless you were truly “assaulted” and the person didn’t run away, most idiotic drunken bar fights or angry disagreements at home do NOT need police involvement. It only complicates your life. And worse, you can have “DYFUS” or other “family” based government agencies up your ass forever. They’ll even threaten your right to care for your own children. Take your bumps and bruises as a life-lesson, not as a reason to be part of the “system.”

Noise complaints: Sure, in the worst instances, “bad neighbors” do need a “talking to” from police. However, if you’re the pesky neighbor who cannot tolerate compartmentalized living, then you need to tread carefully. Because being that intolerant neighbor in an urban setting may just cause other “off the record” problems down the line. Pick your battles carefully, and stay off the radar as much as you can.

nosy neighbors in Hoboken NJ - Stop calling the policeNosy neighbors: If your life is so boring that you’re the one constantly dialing 911 for something you have no clue what is really going on – you have bigger problems. Mind your own fucking business, okay? People like this are partially responsible for massive property-tax bills.

Stop calling the cops, and maybe the budget can be cut if we didn’t need so many baby-sitters!

Drunken antics: Yes. We live in a town with tons of bars. Liquor stores open past midnight, and a football stadium filled with essentially lonely souls with no true direction in life. But just because they get stupid, drunk and belligerent shouldn’t matter. Let them fight. Call it “Darwinism,” or whatever you want. Drunk people fighting rarely leads to death. Even when it does, perhaps it was just a matter of time. Not “if,” but rather “when” that dimwit would meet his demise.

“Impolite People”: I’ve heard tons of cop calls about social behavior. Putting garbage in the wrong spot. Parking over some line. And a myriad of other stupid things that don’t need police to respond to. Yet, it happens daily. Why can’t people just have a little more tolerance for stepping over the line?

Police are not your baby-sitters

To summarize – my main points are as follows:

  1. Only call cops when it is very important to utilize their (exclusive, hard to find) resources.
  2. Most cop calls can lead to more problems and headaches than if you did NOT call them – so leave them out of the equation.

Additonally, if everyone collectively understood the boundaries of this thought – you really could have a realistic chance of improving the quality of life around Hoboken. Lower property taxes, less flashing lights, and less pain and suffering for those who get brought “into the system of hell.”

Do you see my point – or are you one of those people who expect the world to take care of you every step of the way?

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Friday, July 3, 2015 1:24 am

I agree getting cops involved is mostly unnecessary. But I’m more worried about those insurance claim clowns who always say they have a back or neck injury from a 10mph parking lot bump.

Every other person involved in a minor car incident hopes it’s their ticket to temporary financial freedom, and many months off from work on fraudulent disability.

A fender bender with an honest person, sure working it out is possible. But you never know anymore. So it is probably in your best interest to call police for official documentation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 9:29 pm

This is a good post. I think cops are stressed out in America, in general (but not in Hoboken, where the police are very professional). People should handle more problems on their own.

In Staten Island, a shopkeeper called the police on Eric Garner because he was selling loose cigarettes. The police come, and kill him with their aggressive tactics, which leads to national protests. If only the shopkeeper could have handled the issue without getting the police involved…

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