BoE Meeting 4/8/2008 – Preview


Tonight it’s the last Board of Education meeting before the election next Tuesday. Every candidate is likely to show up. The two “Silent Phils” might even make some noise for the cameras for the first time. Then again, if they didn’t speak up during the budget hearing, are they likely to speak tonight?

Speaking of the March 25th budget hearing, Hoboken411 reader estevens reports it is finally being shown on BoE Channel 77 today, but with poor audio! It took them nearly two weeks to put it up. What gives? In the meantime, you can always read the 411 recap of the meeting here.


If it took two weeks to get the budget hearing up, how long will it take to get tonight’s meeting on Channel 77? Here’s what’s on the agenda for tonight’s BoE meeting, which may also be the last with Theresa Minutillo as President.

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Second Reading of Policy: Volunteer Coaches
  3. Utilization of facilities, outside agencies and community facility requests
  4. Personnel: resignations, appointments, transfers and postings
  5. Leaves of absence, family leave, maternity leave
  6. Appointment/non appointment of tenured and non tenured staff, including additional tutors, clerks, after school advisors, mentors and extra-curricular positions
  8. Fiscal reports, school reports, board committee reports, fire drill reports
  9. Possible discussion and/or action on the future of the school district’s facilities
  10. Attendance at workshops
  11. Approval of field trips
  12. Out of state travel
  13. Claims, regular and workers compensation Third Party Administrator
  14. Funds – NCLB Revised Application
  15. Budget transfers, grant appropriation modifications

The meeting begins at 7pm in the Board Meeting Room at 1115 Clinton Street. Go to the back of the Wallace School and look for the door for the staircase down to the windowless basement meeting room. If you can’t find it, don’t ask Phil DeFalco for directions. Been told he’s never been there!

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