Juice revolution at Buddha Press

Want to know what’s new at Hoboken’s latest Juice Bar Buddha Press (322 Washington)? Read on below!

Hoboken Juice Revolution at Buddha Press


Head to Hoboken for pure, fresh pressed juice to fuel your soul…

Opened May 2015 in Hoboken, New Jersey, Buddha Press is turning the juice craze into a juice renaissance, and Keith Valenti is the enlightened leader. For all intents and purposes, Buddha Press is a juice spa; the look of the herringbone walls, the sweet aroma when one walks in the door, great music resonating through the air, and all senses are activated and every nerve is soothed. Buddha Press serves up cold-pressed juices, live custom juice, smoothies and Acai bowls, using all organic, raw and vegan ingredients, and does not use GMO in its product. Stumptown Coffee is also served on site for the coffee lovers!

Buddha Press 8Buddha Press is a clean, high-end facility with everything made daily on site, including its almond and cashew milks. The staff (nutritional salesman) are fully educated on every ingredient in each product. They are individual Buddha Press experts hired to provide recommendations for which products will be best for each client’s personal needs. Keith Valenti is the master juice-ologist bringing his classic bartending techniques and experience to the juice spas quality and unique taste.

“Our goal is to build a unique brand where our client’s senses are all firing when they walk in the front door. The sound, smell and most importantly taste will immerse you in Buddha Press experience. We are using the healthiest sourced organic ingredients while building trust on the customer side,” said Valenti. “One way of creating an element of exclusivity is by outsourcing all of our ingredients through the best quality farms and vendors. For example, the almonds and cashews that we use to make our milks are non GMO and sourced from the best organic markets.”

Buddha Press 5Signature items on Buddha Press’ menu include the ever popular wheatgrass shot when customers need a healing boost and dose of green in their diet; a double two ounce shot served in stem glassware with a 1.5 ounce chaser of pineapple juice. Delicious! Regulars also love the Bodhi Berry Smoothie with almond milk, banana, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and honey, as well as the slightly sweet Sacred Garden Juice; apple, cucumber, celery, swiss chard, kale, and parsley.

Other cold pressed juices that customers can order include the Turnip Da Beet, apple, beet, turnip, cucumber and the Zen Master, cucumber, apple, mint, lemon, ginger, and H20. Popular smoothies include the Cocoolada, H20, mango, pineapple, banana, swiss chard, and coconut oil, Believer, cashew milk, Buddha nut butter, maca and banana, and the Buddha Cake, almond milk, banana, carrot, ginger, and Ceylon cinnamon. For a quick nutritional lesson, maca is rich in vitamin b, c and e, boosts libido and increases endurances, while balancing hormones and increasing fertility. Ceylon is one of the top 7 antioxidants in the world.

If you’re not in the mood to juice or buy a smoothie, customers can also choose to order some of the healthiest bowls that are rich in antioxidants and superfruits. The Buddha Bowl contains acai, banana, almond milk, honey, Buddha brittle, coconut flakes, seasonal fruit, goji berries, mango, dates, and bee pollen while the Hawaiian Bowl is full of nutrition with acai, banana, almond milk, spirulina, chia seeds, pineapple, kiwi, Sherpa granola, and coconut flakes. Famously named Mother of Dragons bowl uses dragon fruit pitaya, making for another wonderful healthy meal.

Buddha Press 3Coffee is available in 12 ounces, cold pressed juices in 12 ounces, and smoothies in 12 and 16 ounces. The juice spa takes pride in eliminating ice from its fresh blending because it waters down the drinks and removes some of the nutritional benefits. The entire menu will cost between $9 and $11. Buddha Press also sells dehydrated fruits on site for those who just want a quick snack before or after hitting the gym!

And not to be forgotten are the local dog lovers in Hoboken. Buddha Press sells healthy dog treats on site with the clever name Buddha Paws. With the overwhelming Hoboken support, many of the shop’s regulars stop in with their pets, and the staff knows both the owner and pet by name. It was the logical next step to have the dogs become clients too. One of the treats are dehydrated sweet potatoes, a natural, gluten free, grain free option that takes time to chew and regulate their digestive system.

Buddha Press is located at 322 Washington Street between 3rd and 4th Streets and is open Monday – Friday, 7am – 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 8am – 8pm. For more information please visit www.buddhapressjuice.com or call (201) 683-8290.

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You really changed your tune from a couple months ago when you slammed them for not having dairy milk for your coffee. How come?


This reads like a press release or paid advertisement. Is it?