Hoboken Week in Review

Hoboken Week in Review – June 28, 2015

Hoboken Week in Review June 28 2015 Hoboken411 NJ - Hoboken Week in Review

Below are a some posts that crossed Hoboken411’s desk during the week ending Sunday, June 28, 2015:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • Parking Warnings?Why do some cars get 3-day grace periods, while others get ticketed & booted?
  • Hoboken Moon SurfaceSome roads are so bad, people easily “face-plant” just walking home.
  • Vice JerseyYou think seedy gambling joints in North Jersey will help or hurt?
  • Vehicular ControlSoon every square inch in Hoboken will be regulated by rules and regualtions.
  • Hoboken Police BlotterCan you tell if it really happened?

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

  • Sunglass OasisA new sunglass store with a huge selection and great prices.
  • BasketballWant to feel like a “pro?” Join an adult league with referees, standings and stats.
  • Phone addictionShouldn’t dog walkers being paying attention to your pets, instead of their phones?
  • Buddha Press Juice RevolutionNewest “healthy” place touts their offerings.
  • Slider StreetMini-hamburger place mysteriously just stops operating.
  • Pilsener Haus MusicA whole summer lineup of entertainment uptown.
  • Green VillainOnce taboo “art” becomes a trendy thing to tweet about (over in Jersey City).
  • Bow Tie CinemasThere is a world of unseen productions out there. Use your search abilities!

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

Solitude shows us what should be society shows us what we are richard cecil - Hoboken Week in Review

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