{dis}connected – Part III

(or you could also say)

Digitally absorbed {sad} souls in Hoboken, NJ

We’ve collected literally thousands of photos of people “digitally absorbed” in their smartphone or other devices over the years.

dis connected from reality in HobokenIt’s gotten worse and worse each time we choose to observe.

Some obvious questions are:

  • Why? What is so important?
  • What cannot wait until later?
  • Are you a “time sensitive” person?
  • Can you have a private time at home?
  • What makes you do that in public?
  • Are there barriers you can abide by?

What family time? Haha!

I typically enjoy video broadcasts by a fellow named Casey Neistat on YouTube. And even he displayed a video recently that depicted exactly what I’m referring to – the entire family “digitally disconnected” from real life. “I’m just checking something” was one of the excuses.

Really? How shallow and self-centered is that?

family time with cell phones at dinner table

If that doesn’t annoy you… well…

(Some exceptions, however – are if you run an online business, for example…)

Status updates more important than crosswalk safety

And now people don’t even care about their own safety – or avoiding the hassle of a police report when they walk into traffic. A recent report said that Emergency room visits from distracted walking have skyrocketed.

And they have the fucking nerve to give you a “dirty look” if you almost hit them? Go to hell, distracted walkers!

connected to phone more important than crosswalk safety in Hoboken NJ

Getting status update a higher priority than crosswalk safety.

It’s everywhere like a virus

Here are a few more photos that hopefully will make people more aware of what is happening to the world we live in.

This girl obviously suffering bad from “text necks syndrome:”

text neck syndrome in Hoboken NJ

Looking like a frumpy fool due to cell phone over-use.

I can imagine some folks so accustomed to ordering food via app – that they forgot how to verbally communicate their sandwich order.

"One large Italian hero..."

“One large Italian hero…”

How much do you want to bet that the attention span and memory of most heavy phone users is dwindling?

"I won't remember a word you said whatsoever..."

“I won’t remember a word you said whatsoever…”

The way some people hold their phones is downright annoying…

"The world needs to know I AM ON THE PHONE!"

“The world needs to know I AM ON THE PHONE!”

Not a good example to set for children.

There is no app for actual experience and observation, though.

There is no app for actual experience and observation, though.

And even grandma getting into it? Proof the virus has almost completely overcome humanity.

Well, it could help the more forgetful old-timers, right?

Well, it could help the more forgetful old-timers, right?

That’s it for today. We’ll continue our observations of the world around us – while at the same time fortifying our resistance to the virus.

Good luck out there!

{dis}connected – Part II

8/28/2015 Update:

Here’s an update to the story did earlier this summer about the syndrome which has affected nearly 100% of the population: the need to be constantly connected.

technology distractions not connectedI have some additional observations that I’ll add (beyond the “FOMO” fear of missing out feeling).

  • It’s astonishing how few people now truly enjoy being alone, including ditching the digital leash.
  • We’ve specifically limited our “connected” time to a refreshing desktop computer. Remember those? Multiple screens. Nice keyboard. Easy to read. Room to breathe. I don’t see how mobile devices are pleasurable to anyone.
  • Have you ever thought about how the constant contact has affected your natural way of thinking? Or solving problems?

Anyway – as we observe the people around us – it’s getting frighteningly uncommon to see anyone without that technology in their hands. And how fast it’s “infected” so many. Here’s what is commonplace in 2015:

It’s complete: 100% {digitally} connected at all times

6/29/2015 Update:
It’s no secret that we have an opinion about the proliferation of “technology” (namely the constant contact and communication).

Don’t you think it’s astounding that almost everyone seems to have their digital communicator (most often a “smart phone”), either:

  1. looking at it; swiping, typing, or watching
  2. in their hands (recently looked at it – or will look at it again in a few seconds)
  3. connected to their ears (via headphones of some kind)

I find it amazing that what boils down to a miniature computer has made such in-roads into so many aspects of (most everyone else’s) life. Almost to the point where they can’t (and refuse to) do without. It becomes more obvious by the day.

Getting from “point A to point B” (used to) have meaning once upon a time. It added valuable data to our brains. Made us location-aware without maps, enriched our senses of observation, kept us safe (and on our toes). Down-time away from artificial distractions helps you grow. (See a recent post published called The Quiet Warrior to understand more…)

This includes cars too – which most family vehicles are now equipped with mobile movie theaters to keep kids mentally distracted.

Eventually, will it even matter where you physically are anymore? You can be anywhere as long as you’re lost in your digital world. However, that might be hard – considering you won’t have much to tweet or instagram about if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Whoops! Catch-22!

Eye-contact and friendly conversation needs to make a comeback soon before it’s too late!

connected via cell really a disconnect from reality in Hoboken NJ

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Saturday, January 16, 2016 2:01 am

I agree.. sadly enough. I can’t offer an acceptable alternative to anyone!

Saturday, January 16, 2016 12:35 am

We were driving to Edgewater to have dinner tonight and almost hit a pedestrian who was completely in another world. When we screeched to a halt they had the nerve to hit the hood of our car saying we were irresponsible. What the fuck does that mean when you blindly walk into an intersection that does not have a stop sign and have the balls to get mad at us for having the consideration to stop before killing you? It’s getting worse, I agree. Wow.

Reply to  chooz
Saturday, January 16, 2016 1:22 am

Same happened to us near City Hall… they didn’t hit our car physically, but almost did, along with some choice language that wasn’t appropriate for children. Such anger, it was fascinating. The take-away was that they felt their world was more important than yours. That’s what I perceived at least.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 9:47 pm

Today I was at Planet Fitness and everyone under 25 was not working out. They were just looking at their phones.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 2:02 pm

You’re right that it’s getting worse by the day. Non stop and addictive. I have only one or two friends left that aren’t chained at the hip to their phones.

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