Summer music events

Hot Hoboken music events up at Pilsener Haus & Biergarten

Want a good starting point for future summer plans for yourself and your friends? Here’s a list of upcoming music jams over at the wildly popular Pilsener Haus & Biergarten uptown (15th & Grand).

Summer Music Events Pilsener Haus Hoboken NJ - Summer music events

Rainbow Fresh Duo – June 25th

Based in Montclair, NJ, Rainbow Fresh features Rich Seiner (vocals, guitar) and Chip Moore (vocals, guitar, bass). Their sound is hard to describe, but if you pictured Led Zeppelin’s little brother playing Marvin Gaye songs, threw in a little bit of Latin groove and Disco, you’d be close.

The Gotham City Pickers – June 28th

“The Gotham City Pickers” name came from a moniker used by mandolinist and Dobro player Marc Orleans to book gigs. But the band really began in earnest when Marc Orleans and JP Gilbert met at an informal jam session in 2013 at a now defunct farm to table eatery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Marc and JP saw a common thread in the Music of Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, Tommy Jarrell, the Skillet Lickers, The Blue Sky Boys and Roscoe Holcomb. They quickly forged a sound around their close range, unadulterated baritone voices and propulsive “dance style” flat picking.

Tristan McCoppin – July 2nd

Session guitarist and vocalist Tristan McCoppin is comfortable in a range of styles, and is committed to authenticity and mastery of each one. You may hear Hip-Hop, Funk, Country, Blues, and Rock, all in the same night, with his soulful voice spotlighted no matter the situation.

Rainbow Fresh Duo – July 5th

(See description above…)

Jersey Shuffle – July 9th

The organ trio “Jersey Shuffle” brings back some of the great Jazz, Funk, and Soul music from the 60s. The energetic grooves are similar to a sports car ripping across four lanes on the New Jersey Turnpike and STILL making the exit in time. You will sure to be moving in your seat!

The Sensational Country Blues Wonders – July 12th

“The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!” are a unique entity in the NY/NJ music scene. They consider themselves the only guitar/vocal duo that mixes equal parts Rockabilly, Country and genuine guitar Gospel music with a spoonful of greasy Blues to wash it all down.

The Gotham City Pickers – July 16th

(See description above…)

Hope DeBates and “North Forty” – July 19th

Hope’s band “North Forty” is an alt-country band that shows influences ranging Patsy Cline & KD Lang to everyone in between. She comes to Pisener Haus to serenade listeners with songs of love, good times, and her childhood growing up in Moody County, South Dakota.

Abby Hollander – July 23rd

Singer, Bassist, and Guitarist Abby Hollander brings a mix of music directly from the heartland. Equally at home playing bluegrass, oldtime, and country music, she sings the songs that are forever tied to the roots of America.

The Fuzzy Lemons – July 26th

The Fuzzy Lemons, the best family-friendly rock band on the scene, come to Pilsener Haus. With laugh-out-loud lyrics and memorable melodies, every song tells a story and every show is full of fun, inspiring kids of all ages to dance and sing along with music the whole family will love.

Johnny Holleran – July 30th

Just because Johnny Holleran is from Ireland, don’t count out this grooving guitarist just yet! Johnny has been living in playing in NYC for over a decade, and has been wowing audiences not only with his guitar playing, but with his soulful, bluesy vocals.

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