Texting while walking {dogs}

Why subject dogs to texting while walking?

Most of the time, the (growing number of) people who “text and walk” don’t cause much harm to people other than themselves. However, the danger is there – for car crashes and other preventable mishaps that could hurt others.

There are countless incidents “caught on tape” of people getting injured due to not paying attention. Running someone over in your car – while most likely not hazardous to the driver – could still cause a lot of hassle (police reports, car damage, insurance headaches, etc.)

If people want to jeopardize their own well-being, fine with me – as long as I’m not involved.

But what about your dogs? They really don’t have a say in the matter – and I’d hate for any pooch to get harmed because of an absent-minded dog-walker. Sure, communication may be necessary for these people (i.e., running late, or whatever), but shouldn’t they be extra aware of their surroundings, especially with a pack of dogs? A dog-scuffle could present itself at any street corner (or a rampant squirrel).

I’d have my doggie-radar on full blast if I had to care for other people’s pets. But that’s just me. I’m sure this guy pictured has a great track-record (for now at least).

texting while walking dogs in Hoboken NJ - Texting while walking {dogs}

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