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60 second review: Sunglass Oasis Hoboken

Back when Sunglass Oasis (404 Washington St.) was getting set to open, we originally thought: Another “similar” brick and mortar place, along with “internet pricing,” called for uncertain times ahead for them.

We might be wrong.

sunglass oasis Hoboken NJ - Oasis of Sunglasses

Big selection, discounted prices

For one, Sunglass Oasis has an incredible selection of brands and styles – in stock. No one in town has nearly the inventory.

Two, we forgot a bit about the important fact of “trying them on” before you buy. You can’t do that online (unless you’re buying a pair you KNOW fits).

Sunglass Oasis has a huge selection of those Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses every millenial girl emulating Kate Upton, Lindsey Lohan or any other celebrity. Plus they carry Tiffany & Co., Maui Jim (my fave), and many other brands to suit any budget.

Plus, their buying volume allows them to discount their sunglasses quite aggressively, often on par with online options, and substantially less than other local sunglass shops.

So it appears that Sunglass Oasis has certainly filled a niche in Hoboken – instead of over-saturating one. Good call!

They can be reached at (201)526-4404.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015 2:50 pm

very great experience

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