Dangerous Conditions

(Watch your step!) Dangerous conditions for pedestrians in Hoboken

The other day – we were chilling out on the corner of 4th and Adams. And like many “sections” of town, the dangerous conditions of the road surface caught our eyes.

Dangerous road conditions Hoboken NJ - Dangerous Conditions

(See below for a close-up)

Yet – it seemed even worse than most. It would give a topographical cartographer a heart attack, especially considering it’s supposed to be smooth.

As we stood there and marveled at how the city administration could allow something to suck so bad – we surmised that “someone is going to faceplant” right here.

Well, what happened next?

Some poor chap coming home from work (carrying two beach chairs in anticipation of “fun in the sun,”) did just that. He tripped, and face-planted. Almost in front of a turning car nonetheless!

After we found out he was alright – we suggested he submit a complaint to the city. Well, he didn’t look like the type of person who had it in him to make a stink about things – so we’re doing it on his behalf.

Fix this frickin’ intersection – before someone dies on your watch, Don Dimmer!

Dangerous road conditions Hoboken NJ close up - Dangerous Conditions

(Note: It does help to “pay attention” to where you walk – that includes getting off the phone… Just sayin’.)

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