Hoboken Summer Outdoor Basketball

2015 Hoboken Summer Outdoor Basketball League

Last week we told you about a fun basketball program for kids in Hoboken. We didn’t want to leave out the full-grown adults now, did we?

Hoboken Adult Summer Basketball Leauge Church Square Park

Adult Basketball League in Hoboken

The best priced and well run adult basketball league in Hudson County and the only one to offer cash prizes. All games are played in Hoboken, NJ and the winning team will receive team gear in both divisions. All league details are below:

League Details:

Court location:

Game Days and Times: (League Starts Sunday July 12, 2015)

  • Sundays (5pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm Game Times)
  • Tuesdays (7, 8, and 9pm Games)
  • Wednesdays (7,8, and 9pm Games)

Play on the same day each week as requested

League Fee: Contact andrew@nextbasketwins.com for pricing and registration.

League Features: (All Included in the Team Fee)

  1. 8 (4 -10 Minute Quarters) Games plus Play-offs
  2. NBA League Rules and NBA summer league scoring for standings (Every quarter you win is 1 point, every game you win is 3 pts)
  3. 2 Licensed Refs, Scorekeeper, and Statistician at all games
  4. Updated Stats and Standings Website
  5. 2 Different Divisions based on competitive nature
  6. Championship team gear for winners in both divisions

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact league commissioner Andrew Impastato at 732-995-0815.

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When I read this I laughed my a** off and when I sent a copy to others that played basketball at the park. There were no leagues and all of the trappings. It was 3 on 3 basketball and full court games on a continuous basis for at least 10 months of the year. they were only temporally halted when the lights went out and we jumped out the time clock so the games could go. They tried chaining the gates, that was a joke. On almost every saturday the games started around 11 AM and went on until ?? A pail was set up and most people threw in a dollar or two and that went for new nets and liquid refreshments. There was no official record keeper but when a 5 man team showed up they put their names on the next game list. You played until your team lost and then you put your team’s name on the list again. This was not in any way a ‘rec’ type game, there were big time players there on saturday they came from major colleges, a pro or 2 once in a while this was big time basketball and if you dared to show up with a stumble bum team you were told after your first game you were told ‘go home’. These were 4 big time basketball venues in new jersey Auderbon park and st puls in jersey city, the league in belmar and the “courts”. So this… Read more »