Cutest Hoboken Toddler Contest

4/14/2008 Winner Announced:

hoboken-toddler-contest-winner.jpgI should have re-named this contest to: “Ciao Belly Gift Certificate Giveaway” because I decided against using “judges” to determine cuteness and beauty of a young child. I think they’re all beautiful winners, and technically all were equally deserving of winning the prize.

With that being said, I geeked out and used a random number generating system to determine the sole prize winner.

First, I numbered each entry in the order it was received. Next, I went to, and ran one random number test (100 samples, 13 entries) and tabulated who had the highest number of occurrences (see results of tabulation here). The first entry received was ironically the winner. Congrats Kayla and family! Let us all know how Ciao Belly was, and how you liked your purchase!

Thank you again for all the entries, and hopefully, you’ll have better luck for the next contest. Hey, if I had 13 certificates to give out, I certainly would have!

You can see a photo gallery of all the other entries received after the jump.

Here are the other entries received. Thanks again for submitting!


I finally (I mean finally) sent out the prizes to the dog contest winners (and think I still owe *someone* a prize from somewhere!)

Now for a new contest.

Cutest Hoboken Toddler!

cutest-hoboken-toddler-contest.jpgDo you think your child is the cutest thing ever? Want to win a $50 gift certificate to the hot new Ciao Belly clothing and accessory store?

All you need to do is send an email to Hoboken411 (make sure the subject is: cutest hoboken toddler) with a picture of your precious kid, and you’ll be entered in!

I’ll have four or five independent judges rate the pictures (411 is the deciding vote in case of tie only)

The votes from the judges will be tallied, and the winner will be announced next week.



  1. One picture per entry
  2. One entry per person (unless you have twins)
  3. Photos must be submitted as attachments to the email (no embedded photos, no gallery links)
  4. Please submit first name only of child
  5. Try to have it in an identifiable Hoboken location (better chances to win)
  6. That’s it. Good luck!

All submitted entries will be shown in a gallery once the contest is over.

Let’s see some cute Hoboken toddlers!

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Those kids were all adorable.


Cute kids. Made me smile at the end of a long and miserable work day. Remembered why I work so hard.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

[quote comment=”77987″]

They are all really great kids.[/quote]

Except for the kid with the Yankees shirt on —-


“I decided against using “judges” to determine cuteness and beauty of a young child.”

Right on 411! Kids have enough of an uphill battle, let alone learning defeat based on their looks. All children rock because they are still without the one thing that we all have that mars our view of the world – egos. Their egos are only itty bitty at that young age and so their worldview is just yummy and sweet and full of optimism.

They are all really great kids.


as if a contest is needed to impart children with the cold, hard fact of life that so much of “success” in the world is based on your looks. they’ll learn that soon enough.