Vision of Hair

Vision of Hair – 333 Adams Street

The third beauty update this week! (The other two being Mimo Lash and Salon Phoenix), we now welcome Vision of Hair which is located at 333 Adams Street (corner of 4th).

Vision of Hair was started by long-time stylist Julia Miller.

Julia is a Hoboken hair styling veteran, spending a decade and a half over at Lorraine’s House of Styles on First Street. She brought a lot of her clients over as well!

Congratulation to Julia and Vision of Hair on their successful opening.

Description: Salon “Vision of Hair”
Address: 333 Adams Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-5506
Online: (website coming soon) Facebook

vision of hair services menu hoboken NJ

vision of hair salon hoboken nj

Vision of Hair {salon} coming soon

6/19/2015 Update:

Vision of Hair salon Hoboken NJ 333 Adams Street

Taking the former spot of Adams Dry Cleaners at 333 Adams Street (who never recovered after Hurricane Sandy) will be “Vision of Hair.”

These names for hair salons always give me a chuckle… It’s one of those industries where many if not most places name their businesses with a “play on words” type name. “Shear madness,” or “Hair Cult,” or “Hair I am!”

I just wonder how this new place got their inspiration. Maybe the owner just (literally) has hair on their mind at all times?

Who knows – but this will be like the 5th “hair management facility” within about a block in Hoboken. Overload?

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Thursday, December 31, 2015 7:59 pm

Good luck to Vision of Hair! You’re a very talented stylist!

Thursday, December 24, 2015 11:00 am

Just another over priced, underwhelming salon in a town over run by over priced , underwhelming clip joints.
Why would a guy go there and spend $35 for a haircut when there are at least 3 other places withing four blocks of this place where he can get a decent haircut for $25 or less?
And $25 and up for a kids haircut? Newsflash, folks…this isn’t Manhattan and the talent certainly doesn’t rise much above that of a a County Cosmetology School graduate.The Hoboken style “salons” need a reality check.

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