Dangerous conditions at Columbus Park!

Look out above at Columbus Park!

Big branch came close to disaster for family

large branch at columbus park in Hoboken NJ nearly hits family - Dangerous conditions at Columbus Park!

Be careful over at Columbus Park – as one family (and their kids) came really close to a trip to the emergency room!

“I know many moms and babies enjoy Columbus Park at 9th and Clinton, and I wanted to make you all aware of this issue. My 1 year old daughter and I were relaxing on a blanket under a tree when a huge branch fell without warning, missing us by a few feet. The city worker and cop present said it could have had disastrous consequences. The city worker told me that the trees need to be pruned ASAP, and that the city has neglected to do so. I already filed a complaint with parks and recs, but please be careful when you go to the park!

It’s disgusting that we can’t even get trees pruned in a public park!”

Much to Hoboken’s relief – this IS a county park, and their responsibility. However, the lines of communication are probably weak. So, yeah, Hoboken probably is at fault to some degree too.

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