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4/7/2008 Geek alert:

adobe_flash_logo.gifThought I’d share this tidbit with the (embarrassingly) small number of Firefox users out there (It was about 20% the last time I checked).

Have any of you recently upgraded to the latest version of the Flash Plugin? (I think it’s 9.0.115)
Have you run into problems with videos such as YouTube, or any other strange anomalies? Such as video freezing, or links not working?

Well I had the same problem for a couple weeks, and it was incredibly frustrating, with minimal help available online (most of it was for Linux users).

I stumbled across a solution to the problem, and that’s reverting to an older development version of Flash (build 47 to be exact). Here’s how:

Go to the Adobe Website, and download the zipped copy of all the Flash 9 versions (the first link). Then extract build 47 out of the file. Uninstall your current Flash plugin, then re-install Build 47. Reboot. Everything works like it’s supposed to. There is one caveat I ran into, and that was one particular site that didn’t recognize I had a V9.0 copy installed. Wasn’t a big deal, and was the only site I experienced that issue.

Am I the only one? If so, I’m sorry to have bored you!

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Thank you for this!
I finally got my courage up to try it tonight and it solved some problems I have had lately on Firefox. I stopped getting sound on certain websites, such as the film excerpts on the New York Magazine one. And now, after trying everything I could think of for many weeks, I have sound again!
Maybe this will solve a few other problems that came up around the same time. But even if it doesn’t, I’m happy that it has helped here.


i had some issues trying to watch videos on youtube and another site using firefox a couple nights ago. will definitely try this on my home computer. thanks.


Thanks, that worked great!


I’M no techno geek but i was having problems with one of my photo programs. I called their tech support and they told me that some programs think that some of these flash things as a virus and act accordingly.