On your own!

Hoboken bike lanes: On your own!

For those of you who expect the blissful “relationship” with bike lanes in Hoboken to be a “forever” thing, you should just break up now. Get used to being “on your own.”

On your own Hoboken bike lanes Patti Labelle - On your own!

As you can see bicyclists daily having to venture outside the so-called “comfort zone” of the magical bike path paint that is supposed to nestle you in comforting layer of protection from the evils of the world. Must make them feel pretty shitty indeed. What a one-sided relationship!

And that reminded my of this depressing song from the 80’s by Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald called “On My Own.” I’m sure you’ve heard it before! It made number one on the Billboard charts back in 1986!

So empower yourself and find the strength to never rely on help from anyone else but yourself! Treat the whole world as an “at your own risk” endeavor!

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