Everything must go!

Hoboken Jewelry store “Everything must go” sale

You ever see things that just don’t make sense to you?

Take this “Everything Must Go” Renovation Clearance Sale over at Hoboken Gold & Diamond Jewelry & Design (115 Washington St.)

Hoboken Gold and Diamond Everything Must Go sale - Everything must go!

I cannot connect the dots!

Why doesn’t that make sense to me?

Because if you need to “make room” for this so-called renovation, you can fit all the jewelry in their store in a couple copy paper boxes and store them off-site in about an hour!

I can understand, say a furniture store needing to make room of some kind – but how does tiny “bling” interfere with your so-called renovation?

One can only imagine the true reason for this “up to” 75% off everything sale. I guess you need some kind of genuine-sounding excuse to reduce the price by three-fourths?

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