Hoboken Week in Review – 4/6/2008


Your weekly snapshot of the hot topics in Hoboken.

I wasn’t kidding last week when I need your help to get a week off! Email me if you’d like to contribute an article or two. I can be almost anything related to Hoboken. It’d be nice to “step away from the computer” for a week or so. My goal is within the next 90 days (hopefully sooner.)


Read the Top 10 articles published or bumped this week that had the hottest overall chat action in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Endangered species: publicus campus
    Southwest Parks debate rages on about how projects are developer-driven instead of community-driven.
  2. Playing hardball
    The ongoing saga about simply obtaining records in this covert city.
  3. Lonely baby
    A woman leaves an infant unattended in a car while she shops for nail polish and cigarettes.
  4. Rock around the clock (tower)
    Lackawanna’s tower is fully erected.
  5. Important election coming up…
    The Board of Education election is getting closer!
  6. Popular carb eatery opens
    Zebu Forno Cafe finally opens downtown.
  7. Party with SWAT?
    Get a job with the Hoboken PD. The city never ceases to amaze me with their inconsistencies.
  8. Tenant / Landlord
    The Hoboken411 legal beagle answers a question about real estate fees and more.
  9. One of the BoE Candidates
    Tricia Snyder’s entry gets some traffic.
  10. Paperwork is hard to do
    Perry Belfiore, another active Hoboken political person is under investigation as he works for a BoE campaign.

Other notable items of interest

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