Big Belly Solar Money Pits

For real – Solar Belly rubbish in Hoboken

These Big Belly Solar “eco-smart” robotic garbage and recycling cans were the biggest ripoff in recent Hoboken memory.

Not only do they make the main avenue and waterfront look like crap, they cost more than two nice new cars (each!) – and fall apart like a cheap wire shelf from Walmart.

Big Belly Solar robotic trash bins fail Hoboken NJ

How embarrassed would you be if you actually held serious press conferences about these “progressive” eye sores, only to have visitors come to your city and see shit like this? Tsk, tsk…

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I’m never completely clear on what goes in the recycle one. Styrofoam coffee cups from Dunkin’ Donuts — which garbage machine? A pizza box — actually that won’t fit in either.