Mis-managed parking

Who needs parking in Hoboken anyway?

Here’s a little update to the ongoing “mis-managed parking” situation in Hoboken.

As you might be aware, all sorts of roadwork has been taking place – and now we’re at the milling and paving portion. Which leads to several questions.

  1. Instead of just trying to warn drivers about the impending super-shortage of on-street parking spaces, why doesn’t the city do everything possible to provide alternatives? Like free, unrestricted parking in city garages, and even partnering up with other places (like Shoprite) who have ample extra parking spots?
  2. And we’re hearing that only half the roads in some spots were being paved – because the city refused to think logically. Instead of using the PSE&G contractor (who was already there, you know – doing the work they were obligated to do), the city wants to choose their own contractor for the other sides. So rewarding a “favored” contractor will double the amount of time drivers are inconvenienced. Way to go!

Another day in Hoboken.

Empty streets in Hoboken NJ - Mis-managed parking

(h/t Dave for the pic.)

See previous updates below.

Mis-managed parking regulations in Hoboken


We’ve talked about this before (like when they were supposed to pave or do other roadwork) – where temporary police regulation signs are posted along entire blocks.

Then, no work took place for an entire day or two – but the blocks remained “reserved,” and no one was able to park!

small business hurt due to lack of parking in Hoboken NJ - Mis-managed parking

Obviously a city management problem!

If no work is being done, why stifle already next-to-impossible parking opportunities in Hoboken?

This was the scene recently along 5th Street. They apparently finished the work the previous day – but because they were able to secure no parking zones – they remained off-limits afterward. Why? Because they paid for it? Or the city arranged to have it closed, but didn’t “check up” on whether it was still necessary?

If anyone had half a brain at city hall – they’d find ways to prevent this from happening in the future. I mean, hey, there’s even a financial incentive (albeit evil) to allow parking in order to poach more unsuspecting residents and drivers of hard earned money.

At least surrounding small businesses would appreciate it!

Valuable parking wasted again in Hoboken NJ - Mis-managed parking

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015 12:05 pm

The City takes money and doesn’t enforce tempoary parking AND also enforces temporary parking when there is no need. Corruption at it’s BEST a la Zimmer-Grossbard!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 8:39 am

They don’t care if the contractors finish early. Why make their own jobs more complicated?

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