Reader Art: “Hojoken”


Hoboken411 reader “bornandrazedinhobo” created this poster and said: “I think we should submit a petition to have the city of Hoboken renamed officially to Hojoken. Think about, we have a great water show, slight of hand, tricks, a huge entourage of clowns, and plenty of smoke and mirrors.”

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[quote comment=”76671″]…Mason, Zimmer and Richie Cunningham. The three who didnt bother to show up for the opening day little league parade and ceremony. Every other politicna was there.[/quote]

The above is a prime example of a BS issue.

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[quote comment=”76657″]Good. I see that “bornandrazedinhobo” is good at coloring. Let’s see you run for office and do a better job.[/quote]
My cat could do a better job than the majority of the current administration.

blahblahblah- The people they’re hiring aren’t qualified, that’s why we have an overblown budget, inefficiency and rampant stupidity in the different gov’t agencies in this city. It happens everywhere, but it happens in greater numbers here.

As to attending a little league game- I guess I’m missing your point. I don’t see how attending opening day equates to working for more open space.

Maury Povich
Maury Povich


He can’t , people will find out he assaulted a Hoboken Police officer, right Matty? 😉


I don’t think that the politicians who show up at events and shake hands are necessarily the best ones to run the city.