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Hoboken Police Blotter – Reports – History

Over the years – our opinion of the Hoboken “Police Blotter” has varied greatly.

Hoboken Police reporting - {Almost Real} Hoboken Police BlotterFrom the days two decades ago that we moved to Hoboken, it was once considered a “fun read” to see the minuscule blotter section in the local fish wrap – as it provided a brief moment of conversational entertainment (“out of the norm”) – especially since we weren’t all “digitally distracted” with other mindless trivia.

Then we started Hoboken411 a decade or so ago.

We employed your ordinary police scanner (and now stream it) – and concluded it was a venerable “entertainment” source – especially during the St. Patrick’s Parade’s of years past.

Hoboken Police Blotter doesnt impact the lives of anyone - {Almost Real} Hoboken Police Blotter

So what about 2015 and police action?

You see – when other local fish-wraps “report” crime or incident stories, they’re doing nothing more than “paraphrasing” a standard police report. And not just any police report, the police reports the police themselves deem worthy of publication (i.e., make them look good in some shape or form). They’ll never release a “sloppy” investigation, internal corruption or crime scene detail. No way.

In other words – those “stories” you might somehow read elsewhere – are not actual stories from gritty investigative reporters. No. They’re just regurgitated municipal forms.

Rubbernecking events that affect almost no one

Here’s my next point. When an “incident” happens to one, two or more people – THEY are the only ones affected. No one else. So if some drunk broad gets “pepper-sprayed” outside the McDonald’s in Hoboken – it really has ZERO affect on you. You don’t gain or lose by knowing or not knowing that information.

So what is the purpose of publishing or reporting?

Hoboken fights like the jersey shore - {Almost Real} Hoboken Police Blotter

  • To get pageviews. That is the sole purpose why any “news” outlet report such inconsequential events.
  • Not “educational” by any means. We’ve published previous reports – but added editorial common-sense comments to the report. In other words – translated them into better language and a possible learning opportunity.
  • To promote the “gubbmint.” The officials at the local police station carefully select which reports get released. Why? Because it makes them look good.
  • Manipulation. Many of these reports are disseminated because “they serve a purpose.” Whether to show crime going up/down, or to show what these people (who signed up to fight crime) have to deal with.

There are countless others…

It’s the same old song and dance

Here’s the main gist of my story here.

Let me remind you that for the most part – almost all of these police blotter entries are PERSONAL conflicts that had zero to do with you.

Sure, maybe there is a petty burglary or something. Once or twice a year there’s a violent psychopath that inflicts injury on one or more other “innocents.” But that happens worldwide (“wrong place at the wrong time…”)

So why do some people gravitate towards the “city trivia” like this? Are these the same types of people that would be town or office gossips?

Enjoying the misery of others

I’ve concluded that most of the people out there love (or have been conditioned to thrive off) “bad news” like police blotter incident reports because they serve many purposes:

  • They make them feel better about themselves (i.e., the misfortune of others)
  • “Neighborhood gossip” is attention gathering (see above)
  • Nothing else to talk about (see above)
  • “Drama” in an otherwise pedestrian life. You’re boring. Have something “exciting” to talk about…

Why we quit the ad nauseum police reporting

For a long stretch – we did police reports, live blotters, and much more that happened in Hoboken. But doing it enough, any sane person would realize how shitty and monotonous it was. Yes, you can have a lot of fun on certain days of the year (the annual St. Patrick’s Parade was a good example – but it’s dwindled since the “mayor” removed the day of drunken, reckless fun.) But year-long “reports” of the SAME OLD CRIMES AND OFFENSES gets (and is) tiring.

It really is the same. Just different names, objects of assault, or other varying levels stupidity. You know, there can be only so many sequels to a movie before it fizzles out.

NEW: Hoboken411 {almost real} Police Blotter

Almost Real Hoboken Police Blotter Hoboken411 NJ - {Almost Real} Hoboken Police BlotterHowever, a new regular feature will start soon on Hoboken411 – we’ll be creating a much-needed alternate way of police blotter “reporting.”

We will use a combination of our imagination – previous police blotters – and actual everyday occurrences around the Hoboken area to formulate our {almost real} Hoboken Police Blotter.

Why? Because it’s fun with no editorial boundaries – and there really is no difference between fiction and reality when it comes to these acts of stupidity!

Stay tuned for the next entry!

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