Pothole SHAM!

Pothole SHAM in Hoboken, New Jersey

Remember how we documented the Pothole Killers going on in Hoboken?

These automated machines were suppose to make quick work of all the kidney-jarring potholes in the mile square. Guess what. They don’t frickin’ work!

Look at this strip of potholes that the city paid 100’s of (your) dollars to fix.

Walk up to them. Inspect them. They’re just AS BAD as before. Almost 90% of the “killer” substance has been drained away somehow.

If I was the city manager (or “mayor”), I’d ask either for a COMPLETE REFUND – or a 100% COMPLETE RE-DO!

You think our “mayor” has the guts to hold someone to their word? Don’t think so fast!

Pothole Killers SHAM Hoboken NJ

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This method of filling potholes is meant to be a very short term fix until hot asphalt becomes available. Unfortunately, Hoboken didn’t figure that part out. What do you expect when the dimwit Mayor puts her Director of Soccer in charge of streets?