Jovial {closed}

Jovial closes up shop in Hoboken

Aww, kids accessory shop Jovial recently closed down at 419 Washington Street. Just a few months after opening up this past summer!

That’s too bad – we liked this place, and felt it was a good fit for Hoboken.

However, the owner had some more important family issues to tend to back in her hometown. So she did what was right in terms of her priorities.

She hopes to try again in the future.

Jovial Hoboken closes fall 2015 - Jovial {closed}

New in Hoboken: Jovial kids accessories


Taking place of a doomed predecessor at 419 Washington Street is a much more upbeat operation: Jovial.

Jovial is run by Helen Yulan Qian – a new mom, who wanted to bring fun accessories for kids to enjoy. (She definitely found a good market in Hoboken, that’s for sure!)

Jovial Hoboken - Jovial {closed}

Jovial (in their own words)

“JOVIAL is an accessory boutique store opened by a mother for her first Child, Sophia.

To celebrate the wonderful childhood, Jovial is here for all kids and their families with a collection of cute, pretty, beautiful accessories suitable for all occasions.

Come to join us in the jovial mood every single day!”

Doesn’t say too much – but they sell “fun” things for your little one. Hair clips, hair bands, scrunchies – and much more. Or as Helen puts it, “Small objects of my affection.” And boy, you can spruce up your baby for cheap! Most stuff is around $3.00.

They just opened at the beginning of June, and have a somewhat limited inventory as they gauge customer feedback and trends. Expect the inventory of “ultra-cute” baby and toddler “bling” to increase as they expand their base.

But Helen’s upbeat attitude and warm smile is a welcome addition to Hoboken for sure. We need more of this!

Description: Affordable accessories for your little one in Hoboken.
Address: 419 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: (still under construction as of June 2015)

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