Charter School students win contest!


Here’s some feel-good news for Hoboken! Way to go, kids!

Elysian Charter School Students’ Win C-Span Documentary Contest


Three Elysian Charter School students won C-Span’s “StudentCam” nationwide film competition for their film on the Iraq conflict. Eighth Graders Nick Sexton, Sybil Lynch and Shanice Brentano won a $750 third prize for their film entitled “The Iraq Conflict: Sunni’s, Shiites and Kurds.” The students’ film was chosen from over 300 entries from across the country on topics including health care, oil dependency, and homelessness. A second entry from Elysian students included a video on Global Warming featuring interviews with well-known climate specialists.

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C-Span created its annual documentary film competition to encourage students to think seriously about the issues impacting our communities and country. Elysian 8th Grader Nick Sexton commented, “I learned that kids, even though we can’t yet vote, should have a voice in politics and events going on in the world. I hope that our documentary lets viewers think about the human toll the Iraq conflict is having, especially on the children of Iraq.”

Fellow classmate Sybil Lynch said the project helped her understand the difference between the three main groups in Iraq. “I hope the war will end, but it seems like no one can stop the war in Iraq because there is so much disagreement,” she said.

The Elysian students’ films were made as part of a documentary film class taught by Humanities Teacher Joe Golossi and Arts Specialist Aram Rubenstein Gillis. Students worked in Elysian’s media lab and learned about all aspects of the process of filmmaking, including researching, storyboarding, film editing and interviewing.

“It’s great to see my students taking advantage of our school’s media lab,” notes teacher Aram Rubenstein Gillis. “Today’s young people are constantly bombarded by a barrage of media images. Through this project the kids learned to become creators of culture, rather than just passive consumers.”

Joe Golossi adds, “In humanities we often discuss current events and its effects on the world around us. It’s exciting to see the kids use what we discuss in class on a daily basis and turn it into something meaningful and creative. They really did a great job.”

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Congrats!! Great project.