Kidneys stand a chance

Kidneys stand a chance in Hoboken, NJ

Okay, we may not agree with the Observer Highway re-surfacing project (due to the fact that they’re actually creating a bottleneck…)

But trying to see the silver lining, we (actually our kidneys) are looking forward to the smooth freshly paved road very much.

That is, of course, until some infrastructure “problem” requires that the road gets torn up, and the pothole plague will start all over again. Odds-makers are setting the initial line at six months after the project is complete.

I still can’t understand how this project will cut traffic as much as they say. Because when you reduce overall “capacity” of a roadway, how does that improve throughput?

And if they claim that the “secret ingredient” is signal timing – why couldn’t they have done that long ago?

Hoboken Observer Highway Resurfacing benefits kidneys all over New Jersey - Kidneys stand a chance

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Saturday, June 6, 2015 12:52 am

No need to question the experts. Just go have another drink and pay your quarterly property tax bill on time, and everything will be fine!

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