The wrong way to use parking tickets

How to improperly use Hoboken parking tickets

And by parking tickets – we don’t mean the ones they hand out like legal contracts at city hall candy on Halloween!

We mean the parking tickets spat out by the stupid robotic parking meters.

The wrong way to use Hoboken parking meter tickets

Treat parking tickets like money

If valid, those things are as good as money – as they “allow” you to park in certain areas without getting a harassed for money under the veil of “law.”

But this guy obviously couldn’t read the fine print on the meters (which say put on dash board). Nope, he stuck it under his windshield wiper – ripe for the taking.

Even worse – some HPU office can just simply remove it – and issue the summons anyway, as your “evidence” that you paid has now vanished.

So don’t do it!

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